How far would you go..

.. for money? Would you steal something? Would you lie on nails? Would you eat insects? We all love money. If you have a lot of it, you can buy almost everything you want. So how far would you go to get it? Let's say we're talking about some big numbers..

It comes in all sizes and colours. No one can resist it. You will always want more and more. You will put it in a safe place. Of course, I'm talking about money. Sweet, sweet bills. With this quiz you will find out how far you would go to get some of it. Have fun!

Created by: Iruse

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  1. How far would you go for money? Would you.. steal something?
  2. Would you.. betray a friend?
  3. Would you.. lie on nails or glass?
  4. Would you.. eat living worms?
  5. Would you.. steal a car?
  6. Would you.. not shower for two whole weeks?
  7. Would you.. kill an animal?
  8. Would you.. punch your bestfriends fiancee at their wedding day?
  9. Would you.. wear the same underwear for a week?
  10. Would you.. kill somebody?
  11. Would you.. run into church with a gun?
  12. Would you.. steal from charity?
  13. Would you.. disturb a funeral?
  14. Would you.. hack someone's computer?
  15. Would you.. run naked through your old primary school?
  16. Would you.. have sex with someone against your will?
  17. Would you.. cut your mothers brandnew clothes?
  18. Would you.. lay in a box with lobsters?
  19. And would you.. run into a bullfight?

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