are you going to be rich in the future

To be rich in the future doesn't just mean to be rich it means you will work hard ,study, go to college, and to be smart and remember best college means best job and best job means most money

So are YOU smart enough to go to college and able to get a good job. Well that's up to you not me. This quiz can only teach the steps to a wealthy life it can't make you rich but it would be cool if it did

Created by: Paola
  1. What will your job be
  2. Are you smart
  3. Which is more important
  4. Who will you marry
  5. What do you usually wear
  6. Whats better
  7. Would you wear contacts or glasses
  8. Will you become spoiled
  9. Are you going to college
  10. The quiz is over

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Quiz topic: Am I going to be rich in the future