Should You Have a Roommate in College?

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Are you unsure whether you should have a roommate when you head off to college? If so, you are exactly who I designed this quiz for. Having a roommate has many pros and cons, and it can be hard to decide what to do, but that’s exactly why this quiz exists. Remember, you are the only one who truly knows your preferences, but this will help you with your decision.

This quiz is made to help you, but of course there are many factors that contribute to any decision. Still, enjoy the quiz and use the feedback. Remember to be honest and open minded- no one will judge you. I hope that this will help you learn a lot and are better prepared for your future!

Created by: Banter Seeil
  1. Do you share a room with your sibling(s)?
  2. Are you good at communicating?
  3. Say you do have a roommate and you’re getting along well at first. But- oh no! You have an argument! What do you do?
  4. How messy are you?
  5. How much quiet time do you need, on average?
  6. How well do you sleep?
  7. Have you researched helpful need-to-know information about dorm life?
  8. Do you WANT to have a roommate?
  9. Remember, having a roommate can get tough sometimes, and you won’t be able to avoid each other, especially in a dorm. Are you ok with that?
  10. This question may be short and to the point but it is very important. Are you willing to spend several months of your life living with a stranger who could become your closest friend- or drive insane?

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Quiz topic: Should I Have a Roommate in College?