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Quizzes here explore the topic of college life. Should you join a fraternity or sorority? Start an organization? Take a double major? Over time we will add more quizzes here, so stay tuned!

Our College Life Quizzes

  • Which Black Sorority Are You? (for all girls)
    [by: Anonymous, rated: rated: 3.68/5, published: May 14, 2012]

    This a fun quiz to see which black sorority you should join. This quiz is for every girl no matter what race or religion, just try it.

  • Which College Should You Attend? [Detailed]
    [by: EllieStandford, rated: rated: 4.22/5, published: Sep 11, 2018]

    Preparing for college? See which of these famous colleges/universities is the best fit for you.

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