What clique are you actually in?

"A clique is basically a group of people ,who,each individual owns a different personality than the other.In other ways,they are called a fraternity or a gang.Some might hate the other,some might love the other.Truth is,it depends on the type you blend in with."

"Wanted to know which clique you belong to?Sorority?Frats?Nerds?Hippies?Goths?Check out this quiz if you have been wondering which clique you actually belong to! Good Luck!"

Created by: AnonYmouS
  1. 1. You are a person who loves...
  2. 2.Where do you usually spend your time?
  3. 3.My most prized possession has to be...
  4. 4.What movies are you into?
  5. 5.Do you like your opposite gender?
  6. 6.My favourite colour has to be...
  7. 7.Do you like any physical activity like dancing or sports?
  8. 8.If you were stuck in a room with a boy/girl for 24 hours,what would you do?
  9. 9.This time,imagine you are stuck in a room full of books,boys,girls,artwork and Marilyn Manson cds.Which do you pick to spend your hour?
  10. 10.Pick a quote (if not sure,pick the closest):

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Quiz topic: What clique am I actually in?