Will You Survive College

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Look, in this day and age, you need a college degree to make it in this world. Unless you're Bill Gates, and you're obviously not, because he doesn't waste his time on these quizzes.

Anyways, take this to figure out if you're going to make it through the 8am classes and weekend frat parties or if you'll wash out on the first test day and be overwhelmed by the syllabus.

Created by: TJ Forero

  1. What time do you go to bed on week nights?
  2. What do you do on the weekends?
  3. When do you turn in your assignments?
  4. How often do you show up to class?
  5. When do you start studying for a test?
  6. Do you participate in class?
  7. Have you read the syllabus?
  8. Do you do the assigned readings?
  9. How much sleep do you get?
  10. How early do you wake up before class?
  11. Fill in the correct to: I'm going __ class at __ if I'm not __ busy

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Quiz topic: Will I Survive College