Which College Is Best For You?

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There are lots of amazing colleges, and many people go on to be successful because of the college they go to. But have you ever wondered which college would be best for you?

Take this quiz and find out! All of the results are good schools and tell you which good university you'd go to if you got into one. Good luck and have fun! ***DISCLAIMER!***: THIS IS IN NO WAY SUPPOSED TO BE COMPLETELY ACCURATE. IT'S JUST 2 GIRLS USING THEIR KNOWLEDGE TO MAKE A QUIZ. WE DID THIS ONLY FOR FUN. IF YOU DIDN'T LIKE IT, OH WELL. NO ONE CARES.

Created by: Nicole and Simona

  1. What motivates you to finish H.W./Work the best?
  2. What is your average?
  3. What are your S.A.T. scores?
  4. Do you currently attend any clubs, have any skills, extracurricular activities, etc.?
  5. Do you think you can pay for college?
  6. Do you play on a sports team? Are you good on that team?
  7. How are your transcripts (report cards)?
  8. Do you want to be close or far from your loved ones?
  9. LET FATE DECIDE. (I'm so sorry for this question.)
  10. FINALLY. Last question: How well do you write essays?

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