Which College Should You Attend? [Detailed]

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Just answer 9 questions about your strengths and personality to discover which infamous college you're cut out to go to! This quiz takes about 60 seconds or less to complete, and you find out more about a college that suits your interests and personality.

All 8 possible results are amazing colleges (mainly in the U.S.) that you could attend based on your choices and personality. Along with your result, you will get a brief one-paragraph informational description about the selected college.

Created by: EllieStandford
  1. To get your high-school diploma, you just join at-least one after-school club. Which one do you decide to join?
  2. What one word do people often describe you as?
  3. Which color would you say DESCRIBES you?
  4. After a long day at work, you decide to grab a Starbucks drink. What do you get? (may sound dumb but bear with me, hahaha.)
  5. Besides a good education, what are you looking for out of college?
  6. Which subject is your strength?
  7. You have a really small project due tomorrow for one of your less-important classes, and you haven't started the project yet. One of the biggest parties so far is going on not to far away. What do you do? (Honesty is key)
  8. A school offers you an amazing scholarship to attend their school for up to 6 years for free, but unfortunately, it doesn't have the best classes for what you want to major in. Do you attend the school that offers the scholarship?
  9. Pick a goal for yourself.
  10. Do you understand that these results do not predict what college you'll go to, and that you shouldn't try to attend this college just because of these results? [this question does not affect any results]

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