WVCO Club Match-Up

Clubs are an important part of college life at Wenatchee Valley College at Omak. This quiz is set up to help you find your match here on campus. Ever wonder which club is right for you?

Just answer the questions as honestly as you can, and you will find which club is the best match for you. This of course does not mean you can't join them all! So...let's get started!

Created by: Lauren Ingram
  1. What do you do in your spare time?
  2. Last summer you...
  3. Pick a career...
  4. What contest are you most likely to enter?
  5. Why are you looking to join a club?
  6. Finish this sentence: The world needs...
  7. When you are very, very quiet, you hear...
  8. What is your favorite outfit?
  9. Who is your role model?
  10. Favorite snack?

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