What sorority is right for you?

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Sororities are a fun place full of sisters and life long friends. They go to parties, get the grades and have a great life. Each sorority is different though.

Which one is right for you? Are you someone that belongs in their moms sorority or are you a different one? Which sorority is a home for you and will love you for you?

Created by: Gia
  1. How popular are you on a 1-5 scale?
  2. How important are grades to you
  3. It's a Sunday night and you have a big test the next day. The hottest party of the year which every one has been talking about FOREVER is tonight. Do you go or not?
  4. If you met a rich guy at college and he proposed to you, would you stay and get your degree or leave and live off him.
  5. A girl shouldn't have to change for her sorority.
  6. How confident are you in yourself?
  7. Which out of these is most like you?
  8. Favorite Color?
  9. You are cleaning out an old and dusty attic as part as your charity work. How do you feel about this?
  10. Your boyfriend asks you to go with him to dinner (to a place you don't like), but your sorority sisters are having a party the same night. What do you do?
  11. Bye

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