Which Texas A&M Sorority Do You Belong In?

Recruitment is a stressful experience. You have only one week to decide which group of girls you want to have as your friends for life. This quiz isn't about dirty rushing, it isn't about negativity... This quiz is to help you find your home.

We all should make up our own minds about which house we want to join, but having a little knowledge about what direction we should go in never hurts. Take this with a grain of salt, but with the knowledge that it was created with an accurate representation of what chapter you would best fit in to.

Created by: animals1
  1. How pretty are you on a normal day?
  2. How often do you plan on going out?
  3. What sorority are you a legacy for? (Choose the one that you have the most relatives in or the closest relatives)
  4. Choose your favorite activity out of these 6:
  5. It's Friday night. Are you at Northgate?
  6. Are you blonde?
  7. Are you sporty?
  8. Do you mind if all of your friends look like Barbie?
  9. How often do you go to church?
  10. If you could choose, which sororities would you attend on Pref night?
  11. Pick your favorite color:

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Quiz topic: Which Texas A&M Sorority do I Belong In?