Do you have the knowledge, patience, or ambition to become someone who is very successful in life? This quiz will give you result on how much money you will have based on your HONEST answers.

Obviously this quiz doesn't guarantee you will be a certain amount of wealth. But it does analyze your personality, confidence and how you deal with situations to see if you could be a "rich" person. ENJOY!

Created by: homy
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How often do you worry about how much money you have or will have?
  2. Would you steal money from an old lady as a last resort?
  3. What were/are your grades like in school?
  4. If your best friend asks you to borrow $1000 from you and promises to pay it back, you...
  5. What trait would you say best describes you?
  6. What do you think is most important to you?
  7. What kind of job would you want?
  8. How tall are you? (I know it's a weird question but it is relevant believe it or not)
  9. Out of these people, who would most likely be you're role model?
  10. If you could play/are playing 1 instrument what would it be?
  11. If someone gets conned...
  12. Whether you are or not, which one of these would you want other people to see you as?
  13. 0 being horrible and 5 being amazing, how well do u think you deal with every day stress?
  14. What type do/did you fit closest in to in high school?(or middle school)
  15. What country do you live in?
  16. Would you sacrifice only getting a 6 hour sleep every night for a high paying job?
  17. What type of area were you born in?
  18. You get home after a long day and see some guy running out of your house with $100 on him, you...
  19. What time(on average)do you go to bed at night?
  20. Would you put the risk of your family in danger for 1 million dollars?
  21. Would you put the risk of your family in danger for 1 million dollars?
  22. Do you have a job right now?
  23. Do you do anything outside of school or work? sports, community service etc...
  24. You have an exam in a week. Out of these activities, which would you rather do?
  25. On a scale from 0 to 5, how good looking would you say you are? 5 being really attractive.(This is relevant but only a tiny bit)
  26. Do you curse a lot?
  27. Say a creepy witch doctor lady comes up to you and says, "if you walk under that ladder you were about to walk under, you will get bad luck forever!" what do you do?
  28. Would you say you've achieved most of your life goals so far?
  29. If you could have one of these pets, which one would you choose?
  30. There's a lottery, you have a 1/20 chance of winning $1000, but it costs $50 for a ticket, do you take the chance?
  31. It's 12:00am, you're in the ghetto, your house is an hour walk away partly through a dark forest. How would you handle this situation? (be honest)
  32. You would say you're more(blank)than most people.
  33. Do you think this quiz was too long?

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Quiz topic: HOW RICH will I BE IN THE FUTURE?