What will your future be like?

Ever wondered what your life would be like in the future? Will you be rich or broke? Alive or deceased? Better yet, pretty or ugly? Well.. You've came to the right place!

Ready to unveil your future life or just chicken? I know you're anticipating something good. If your result is good or bad, don't base your life off some quiz. Even bad people turned around and did good things. What will be your future life? Only one way to find out!!!

Created by: kha111
  1. Where most likely you predict you'll see yourself in the next 10+ years?
  2. What type of income you want a year?
  3. What car do you want?
  4. What do you want your wife to be like?
  5. What do you want your kid(s) to be like?
  6. What type of house do you want?
  7. What type of job will you have?
  8. What city will you live in (U.S)?
  9. How will you dress?
  10. What will you cook/eat?
  11. What will your health be like?
  12. What will your wedding look like?
  13. What type of education you want?
  14. How do you want your body to be put away when you pass?
  15. Last question (no effect on the results): Did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: What will Ir future be like?