The "SUPERCHEF" quiz

So many people in the world think being a chef is easy. Most people figure if they go to culinary school at age 18, stick it out for a few months to a year they should have your job and the world is their oyster. It's about earning your keep and making sure they didn't waste mommy and daddy's hard earned money

Do you think you have the gusto to take this SUPERCHEF quiz? See what you are made of and try. Remember, this is all in the area of fun, but if you have no idea about food, life, and the will know after a few short questions

Created by: Anthony Gregorek

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  1. What do you think of pork fat?
  2. In the movie "Dinner Rush" what was the name of Louis Cropa's restaurant?
  3. From question #4, where is the restaurant located
  4. How often do you cook at work
  5. When you hear the term "being sexy" what thought first comes to mind
  6. Does the number "86" mean anything to you?
  7. Do you know where my cousin the lampshade maker resides?
  8. Do you like Taylor Ham?
  9. Are we a coffee drinker?
  10. Which is the better Mandoline
  11. Old Polish Proverb: Onions are for the heart as garlic is for the?
  12. Do you like working on all the busy holidays
  13. Do you hang out with other food and beverage types?
  14. Final Question: Are you a skinny chef?
  15. Ok one more to see if you are also worldly about other things (Huge bonus here) Is this really necessary??

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