Are you a chef?

There are lots of people who cook every day but only a few that are chef. Test your knowledge and see if you know enough to step into a professional kitchen.

So you think you know what a chef knows. Let's see if you can hang on the line or if dish will be your permanent home. These should be easy if you are a chef so let's see!

Created by: Gregg Marsh

  1. Mire Piox is
  2. Fond is
  3. Esscofier was the chef that invented the
  4. Tempering eggs refers to
  5. The maillard reaction is
  6. Resting meat refers to
  7. Although American wine is labeled by grape varietal French wines are labeled by
  8. Chicory is also known as
  9. What are you making if you have the following list of ingredients. Egg yolks, water, clarified butter, lemon juice, cayenne, salt, pepper
  10. Brown butter is

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Quiz topic: Am I a chef?