Am I a Chef or not?

Are you wondering wheather or not you should be a chef? Well dont fret this quiz will answer all your answers! It is almost like it is beging to be taken!

Are you driven by food and making it? Well very few have that drive! See if you have enough of it to become a chef. Not only will you be happy but you will fell proud.

Created by: max mayerson

  1. Do you like food?
  2. Are you creative?
  3. Do you have good social skills?
  4. Do you like cooking for your family?
  5. Do you like diferent foods?
  6. Do you like trying diferent foods?
  7. What is your strogest subject in school?
  8. What do you do if you are confronted by a bad food?
  9. Who do you mostly look to for help with a recipe?
  10. Are you realy that insicure about your self that you need to ask this quiz weather or not you should follow your dream?

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