Which Kitchen Style Best Suits You?

Are you thinking about designing a new kitchen or re-modeling your existing one? You won't be completely satisfied in your new kitchen if it doesn't match your personality and style.

So, which of the many kitchen styles do you choose from? Take our 10 minute quiz to find out! Then, visit an MBS Interiors showroom to meet with a designer who can make your dream kitchen a reality.

Created by: mbsinfo of MBS Interios
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  1. What word best describes your intended design style?
  2. Which color appeals the most to your design needs?
  3. How would others describe your personality?
  4. Which design element would work the best in your ideal space?
  5. You wish others would describe your space as...
  6. When designing my kitchen, the first thing I will pick out is...
  7. I'm the most excited about ______ in my new kitchen.
  8. Which word describes how you DON'T want your design to feel?
  9. How will you decorate your kitchen after it's finished?
  10. When others are in your kitchen, you want them to feel...
  11. You tend to admire kitchens ______.
  12. A ______ would look the best in your kitchen.

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