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Our elemental personality quizzes determine which element you are. Have you wondered if you align more with fire, or water? Discover your elemental type and compare your results across multiple quizzes for funsies.

Our Elemental Quizzes

  • What Element are You?
    [by: HJ, rated: rated: 3.87/5, published: Jan 16, 2011]

    There are Four 'natural' Elements, that are probably not found on the Element Table. They were considered the only Elements centuries ago, before science.…

  • Which Element Are You?
    [by: annafrozen12, rated: rated: 4.4/5, published: Aug 26, 2016]

    Thanks for clicking my quiz. This quiz is about what element describes your personality! I researched online to find out which elements are associated with…

  • What Element Are You?
    [by: Asumay Otaka, rated: rated: 4.3/5, published: Feb 23, 2019]

    There are four main elements, but I added in some more. Based on your personality, one of these elements will fit you. But which charming element will it be?

  • What is your Dragon Element?
    [by: Elder Dragon, rated: rated: 4.18/5, published: Apr 15, 2014]

    Discover your dragon element. Are you air, water, fire or earth?

  • Discover Your Dominant Element
    [by: shadowjade, rated: rated: 4.03/5, published: Jun 19, 2019]

    Find your dominant element - earth, fire, water or air, which will be yours?

  • What is your element?
    [by: Dr. Anne Marie, rated: rated: 4.02/5, published: Jun 11, 2018]

    Welcome to one of the most important quizzes you will ever take. I will ask you deep questions that will reveal the truth about your element and how you…

  • What is Your Element?
    [by: lunar_eternity, rated: rated: 3.87/5, published: May 11, 2010]

    In this world, there are many elements. The most basic, magical elements are Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit. Each embodies a different power, with their…

  • What is your Element? Your Hidden Power?
    [by: TodiraÅŸcu Maria Jessica, rated: rated: 3.85/5, published: Oct 31, 2017]

    Find out your true element and see if you may have a hidden power within you.

  • Que elemento eres ?
    [by: Sempai, rated: rated: 3.78/5, published: May 22, 2018]

    Aqui podran ver a cual grupo de elemento pertenecen. Este cuestionario se hace para el grupo de discord de Vr Tomodachi. El grupo en si que salga no se podra…

  • What Nature Force Are You?
    [by: Svetlana Pritzker, rated: rated: 3.85/5, published: Sep 4, 2014]

    Our test helps you understand your Life Force Energy Archetype. Energize your health, love life, and professional endeavors.

  • What is your Elemental Power?
    [by: Kate Melendez, rated: rated: 3.45/5, published: Dec 16, 2015]

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have elemental powers? Well, most likely, you do, and all it takes is a simple test to discover what power you…

  • What element are you?
    [by: Michael, rated: rated: 3.35/5, published: Apr 2, 2007]

    Your element is what defines you. It's what tells you about yourself. Your element is something special to you. It is very important because it that makes…

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