The Test of Dragons

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Dragons of your era live under one of four elements- earth, water, air, or earth. They vary vastly in both appearance and lifestyle, which is why I, Elder Dragon, who has lived many lifetimes under different elements, have come to aid aspiring younglings such as yourselves decide.

There are a great deal of dragons out there. They live within their direct element, earth, water, air, or fire. As a developing dragon, it is time to find out which element is for you.

Created by: Elder Dragon
  1. Hello there, young child. I see you are on the path to becoming a great elemental dragon. You know, we do take into consideration the element you desire, but be wary, should I consider you better fit for another, you may not get the one you desire.
  2. Now child, you know of the human race. I'm certain you've heard of how much trouble they can provide, but also what a bounty should you successfully ravage them. What do you think of humans.
  3. Wings can be helpful on occasion. Sometimes they are a hindrance. What do you think?
  4. Some dragons are capable of spewing out their element to harm their prey. Others strike swiftly and leave just as quickly with a full belly. Which method of hunting do you prefer?
  5. I am a wise old dragon, I have spent many lifetimes amongst the multitude of different dragons. The different elements live in a wide range of ecosystems, whose prey can greatly differ. I must ask, what kind of prey would you prefer to hunt?
  6. Terrain can differ greatly, although there is the occasional elemental dragon who strays from their common terrain. Which sounds most appealing to you?
  7. Of course, your colors will be based on your element as well.
  8. And let's not forget about mating season.
  9. Your size will differ as well, although we fully grown as a overall species still stump all other species that occupy the land, other than the whale.
  10. I hope you will have great acceptance of your element. If you ever truly desire, you may visit me again and take a different path, to see what may have been.

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