How much do you like dragons?

This quiz is about dragons. This quiz tests all sorts of stuff from all areas with some regular and some seemingly-random questions all about dragons!

Do you like dragons? Do you know about dragons? Do you hate them? Are you a dragon-noob? You can find out all that intresting and dragon-related stuff by simply taking the quiz. Don't wait. Try now.

Created by: Worldmaster1000
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  1. Do you like dragons?
  2. Is a hydra a type of dragon?
  3. Does wikipedia say they are evil?
  4. If you went hiking and seen a baby dragon, what would you do?
  5. Which would you save if they all fell of a cliff.
  6. Who is better?
  7. Your favorite mythical creature? (this could change at end of quiz)
  8. Why do you like imagine dragons?
  9. Hobbit commentary
  10. Why is satan evil?
  11. Is your chinese zodiac a dragon? (based of yearly one, that is for you chinese guru)
  12. What is the name of my imaginary dragon? (if you get it right, you will get +1 on dragonsfriend)
  13. SECURITY QUESTION! If x=7 and x+2=y, WHAT IS Y?
  14. Best description of a dragon for you?
  15. Which pokemon region has 2 dragon-type legendaries.
  16. Do i like dragons?
  17. What is your IQ? Be honest.
  18. The first noun you usually name in mad libs (be honest, papa is watching)
  19. Which is better?
  20. Which are you?
  21. Which is a better movie to watch?
  22. Which is the best for your body?
  23. How many dragon action figures that you like do you have?
  24. How much did you enjoy the quiz?

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Quiz topic: How much do I like dragons?