What Dragon are you?

What are dragons? They are magical mystical beasts. There are different kinds of dragons, some good, some evil, some who guard castles, some who guard Realms. Maybe some, who are watching you now!

If you were a dragon, what would you WANT to be? If you were a dragon, what WOULD, you be? Would you be evil, good, Couragous, Sly, Adventurous? This quiz will tell you, it a asks the weird, but IMPORTANT questions! Now the real question, what are YOU?

Created by: Emily
  1. You're favorite part of a camping trip is...
  2. You're favorite color out of these choices!
  3. You're favorite feeling of these options...
  4. You're feeling about this quiz,
  5. What best describes your craving right now...
  6. You're favorite spot to go for a week out of these options...
  7. What do you think when I say, "Africa"?
  8. If you could design a little brother/sister, what wouldit be like?
  9. If you could do 1 thing what would it be?
  10. You are...

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Quiz topic: What Dragon am I?