What is your Pet Dragon.

Hey there. I created this for you to see what type of dragon you would have. So take it truthfully and you will get a dragon that's best for you or you can fool around.

I created his for fun. And the dragons are totally made up. Just have fun with it. Also some of the answers might be cheezy, Sorry about that. I'm just starting.

Created by: DA MAN 383
  1. What is you favorite color?
  2. If you had a dragon, where would you live?
  3. If you had a chance to chose your dragon, what type would it be?
  4. Same as question 5.
  5. What would you use your dragon for?
  6. If you had a dragon what would its name be?
  7. Same as question 8.
  8. What would be your dragons size?
  9. What would be your dragons skin type?
  10. Whats your dragons breath?
  11. Do you like dragons?(No Effect)
  12. What your dragons main feature?
  13. Whats your dragons catch phrase?(no effect)
  14. Dragons human form?(No effect)
  15. Your in a fight and your dragon comes to help but you tell it to back off you don't want him getting hurt, What does your dragon do?
  16. Dragons favorite thing to do?
  17. Dragons favorite card game?
  18. Whats your dragons mood most of the time?
  19. Did you like this quiz?
  20. Do you want me to create another one? (leave a comment saying so)

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Quiz topic: What is my Pet Dragon.