How much do you know about dragons?

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Many people think they know every thing about dragons. With them being onenof the most majestic beings out there it makes since for lies to have been spun.

Do you know the difference between the facts and lies or do you know nothing about dragons? Take this quiz to find out how much you know about dragons.

Created by: Titanium

  1. Does a dragon have wings?
  2. How many legs does a dragon have?
  3. How many heads does a dragon have?
  4. What color are dragons?
  5. Does a dragon have scales?
  6. Is it possible for a human or a human made object to hurt a dragon.
  7. Do all dragons breath fire?
  8. Does a dragons element depend on their scale color?
  9. How long is an adult dragon?
  10. How long are an average adult dragons wings compared to body size?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about dragons?