what dragon would you want?

get ready to go in the dragon world, take this quiz if you want to see what dragon you'll have. light dragons are protective but they are also nice, fire dragons are easily angry, earth dragons like to dig for treasure and also like to eat rocks

there are many types of dragons, dark dragons are mysterious, life dragons like to protect humans and other dragons, sky dragons like to fly around, and water dragons like to swim around in water and they like to play around sometimes. I would like you to comment on this quiz.

Created by: dragonmoonlight
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  1. when you go to where your dragon is, what would your dragon do?
  2. you are waiting for your dragon but it didn't come back for a while, what would you do?
  3. what would your dragon do if you pet it?
  4. what would your dragon like to eat?
  5. how would your dragon fight if it was being attacked?
  6. does your dragon trust you?
  7. does your dragon like you?
  8. how does your dragon protect you?
  9. what does your dragon like to be in?
  10. how does your dragon act?

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