How Much of A Dragon Lover Are You?

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Dragons. The mythical, magical beasts of imagination. The fire-breathing, pillaging, flying lizards. Or the curly beings that are a sign of hope, a sign of gods. Or maybe just the scaly creatures you want to straight-up cuddle. People have their fair share of opinions on them, but some more diverse and loving than others.

How much do you adore dragons? How much do you think about them? Do you even have a positive opinion on them? Do you love rhetorical questions? It's time to find out in this quiz, as a set of questions and situations are set out for you to try. Have a look and see how much of a dragon person you really are.

Created by: Abstath

  1. You find a dragon laying around at a park
  2. The very last dragon in existence has just past away. How do you feel about this?
  3. How would you feel if you woke up one morning as an actual dragon? (Anthropomorphic, normal, etc.)
  4. Are you attracted to dragons in any way?
  5. You open your front door one night to find a hatchling in a box. No tags or anything, possibly abandoned.
  6. The thought of having a creature persona/fursona of a dragon. Your thoughts?
  7. You stumble upon a dragon getting beat up by teenagers in an alleyway. What do you do?
  8. Would having a dragon as the main character in a game make you play it more?
  9. Scientists have recently proven the existence of dragons.
  10. Why do you find dragons cool?
  11. You find a friendly someone online with a strong obsession with dragons. What are your actions towards this?
  12. While looking at pictures involving dragons, do you usually notice the dragon first?
  13. You've just had a dream solely about dragons. How do you feel after you've woken up?
  14. Disregarding your age, would you sleep with a dragon plushy for a night?
  15. Are dragons involved in your hobby?

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Quiz topic: How Much of A Dragon Lover am I?