What dragon are you?

Dragons. Mythical creatures of legend powerful enough to topple empires. Masters of seas, skies, and even the elements. Stories, tomes, and numerous fictions have used them as either the villain, or the hero.

What dragon rages inside of you? I've tried to make as long and personalized answers as possible. I also tried to avoid question cliches like "what's your favorite color?". Please rate as fairly as possible.

Created by: LullabyofNight
  1. What is most important?
  2. Your best friend asks you for a dollar.
  3. Most horrible death imaginable.
  4. Fighting style?
  5. Flirting style?
  6. Position in your group of friends?
  7. Animal that best represents you?
  8. What book would you read?
  9. If you had a choice to be immensely talented at fighting or to be incredibly smart, which would you choose?
  10. Could you kill someone if they were a threat to your safety?
  11. Are you afraid of heights?
  12. What TV show do you watch?

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Quiz topic: What dragon am I?