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  • Your Result: Ocean Dragon 79%

    You are Patient, wise, and kind. You are genuinely good, but also base most of your decisions on logic. You are an excellent friend, and are generally mature. As a Dragon, you live by oceans. You tend to control ports and the trading of information in your area. You believe that humans are a lesser species to put to use, and you usually have at least a dozen slaves working on maintaining your vast libraries. You have the incredible power to control the water to do your bidding, although most of the time you stay close to land to keep an eye on your precious hoard of books and knowledge. Your main food source is large aquatic mammals, sharks, and the occasional annoying human.

    38% Sun Dragon
    38% Ice Dragon
    29% Plant Dragon
    12% Mountain Dragon
    0% Volcanoe Dragon
    0% Ice Dragon

    True: My library would be bigger than the white house!!!

  • Awesome quiz! I'm the sun dragon.
    Sun Dragon 76%

    You are kind hearted, generous, but somewhat vain. You like everyone around you to be happy, even if it makes you unhappy. You are considered attractive and have many admirers. Be careful not to neglect those who are your real friends. As a dragon, you like to rule over a kingdom. You benovolently protect your humans and in turn are rewarded with treasure and adolation. You live in the warm south, in deserts hot enough to melt rock. You can gather heat and use it as a weapon against enemies. You adore hoarding treasure, and will not be seen without at least one trinket on. Your main food source is Camels and Cows.

    Elizabeth Adele
  • This is cool I gave you 10 stars i got Ice dragon!

    Ice Dragon 86%

    You are dangerous, calculating, but very loyal. You tend to put up a mean front to hide how delicate your feelings are. You get frustrated easily when dealing with others, but for the most part you enjoy it. As a dragon, you live in the far north tundras. You can suck the heat out of anything, and often enjoy sitting out in the artic sun. You enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings, and will often create sculptres, rather than hoard treasure. Your main prey is Caribou, Buffalo, and occasionally the native humans who wander too far.

  • Your Result: Mountain Dragon 60%

    You are cunning, bold, and somewhat bossy. You enjoy having control, and are most often a leader. You have few friends, as your pursuit of power makes more enemies. As a dragon, you are the beast of legend. Living in caves in the mountains, you have giant hoards of everything from gold to granny's precious silver. You tend to be a loner, and don't get along well with other dragons. You enjoy fire breathing, but what is most remarkable is your ability to sniff out and find any precious metal. You often raid nearby villages for any sort of valuables, and pick up a meal while your at it. Main food source: big game, live stock, and the occasional human who tries to get their gold back.

    52% Plant Dragon
    34% Ocean Dragon
    34% Volcanoe Dragon
    34% Ice Dragon
    30% Sun Dragon
    0% Ice Dragon

    Okay. the quiz itself was pretty good, but my results were totally off. i HATE to be in charge and im not bossy at all! i make more friends than enemies because i dont want power! gold and silver and fame and fortune mean nothing to me. friends and family are at the top of my value list. oh whatever. doesnt really matter anyway. i just felt like saying that. okiie bye.

  • Sun dragon
    Yay someone who watches Doctor Who! :3

  • Good quiz, I got Ocean Dragon. I REALLY don't want to have slaves or control, though.

  • This get's 10/10 stars Ocean Dragon!!!

  • Great quiz! 10/10

  • Sun Dragon (: Good quiz!

  • Beat quiz! 10/10


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