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  • "When you get an account it asks if you want to stay permenently logged in or not. So you might have accidently selected that."
  • "Whenever I try to link on quizzes that I made before getting an account it says ERROR this should not normally happen please mention this to..."
  • "America has a death penelty? They haven't had one in Australia since about 1875 or something!!!"
  • "It's their so called leader. He is doing this to try and make North Korea become the most powerful country in the world."
  • Austalia?!
    "Well, that's two people."
  • Austalia?!
    "There are so few people that live in Australia but I am one of them. Any questions? About anything, the myths the kangeroos the lot (well I ..."
  • "I thing the bible is 95 percent WRONG. Oh, and I agree with Appayipyip42 on evolution."
  • Seriously
    "I can't believe you don't care about politics! It keeps us the right way round! Without it we would be in a death trap! No laws! I can't ima..."
  • Boston marathon bombings
    "They do this just to get there own way! It is crazy! Murdering people just to get what they want!"
  • I don't understand.
    "We are lucky if you think of what is happening in North Korea or Pakistan! In North Korea you are executed if you even say a sentance about ..."

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