How robotic are you?

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Are you a robot? No? Well let's see. Take this test and you can find out for certain! Maybe you are half robot half human? Who knows? Come on. Take the test. Are you a robot?

Have you ever seen someone that seems as smart as a computer, or that never stops humming? Well maybe they are a robot! And I know it might sound wierd but maybe YOU are a robot!

Created by: squatter
  1. Someone walks up to you and smiles at you. What do you do?
  2. You get angry, what do you do?
  3. What time is it (just guess)?
  4. Choose a phrase that best fits your personality.
  5. Which of these words descibes you best?
  6. What is your favourite number out of these?
  7. How long do think you will live for?
  8. Which of these sounds the most confusing or wierd?
  9. Your in a bowling alley what score do you get on your first bowl (total of 2 throws)?
  10. Choose one
  11. Which of these pets do you like the most?
  12. What is your favourite subject out of these?
  13. Choose a position
  14. Your body is mostly made up of....
  15. The trick to winning is?
  16. How many time telling devices are in your house? INcluding computers, watchs, digital clocks, analog clocks etc.
  17. How long did it take you to do this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How robotic am I?