Which metal are you?

All metals have unique qualities and these qualities can be found in us humans also. Qualities such as melting points resistance ductility and the ability to stay fluid and many more.

Do you think you measure up to your favorite metal? The outcome could be a precious metal such as gold or some boring unromantic metal. Just take the quiz and satisfy your curiosity in a few minutes.

Created by: Ralph Parus

  1. How possessive are you?
  2. How precious do you think you are?
  3. How quick do you boil over?
  4. At what point do you just melt down and not boil over?
  5. How much do you enjoy arts and craftsmanship?
  6. How interested are you in technology?
  7. How intrigued are you by antiquity?
  8. How resistant are you to change?
  9. How quick can you change your clothes?
  10. How conductive are you?

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Quiz topic: Which metal am I?