Are You Metal?!?

Welcome to the land of rock! My name is Ryan and Im asking you if you are metal. Do you think that you are drawn to an endless aray of awesome bone splitting face melting metal, or do you thank god your a country boy? You'll soon find out after this 21 question test.

Have fun I hope you find out if your metal or just how far from metal that ytou end up being. So go ahead and give it a try then you'll know the truth.

Created by: Ryan

  1. Is Dio a metal band?
  2. Who should die first? Eric Johnson or Axel Rose?
  3. Should there be sales tax on imported picks?
  4. Fruit Loops or Frosted Flakes?
  5. Who has a better voice?
  6. How long should your hair be?
  7. Metal sounds better when?
  8. What Tuning should you use when you rock?
  9. What is the Best Power Chord?
  10. Pick a Band
  11. Fill in the missing word(s). Live and let __________.
  12. Sex Postition
  13. What do you hear when you close your eyes
  14. Drink
  15. You go to Burger King What do you get?
  16. Pick an animal
  17. I like potatoes when there ______.
  18. On a scale from 0-5 Do you think you are metal?
  19. Finally question 21, Do metal artists have a soft side?

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Quiz topic: Am I Metal?!?