What music genre are you?

There are many genres in this world, but throughout every human, the genre they most resemble varies. In the following quiz i added the following genres. Pop, punk pop, rock, metal, rap, and country. This quiz should help you find out which one you are most like.

What genre are YOU? Pop? Pop punk? Country? Metal? Rap? Rock? Find out in the following quiz! Remember as many quizzes this is purely for fun, and is not intended to be 100% accurate.

Created by: Geeknation509
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite band?
  2. Favorite song?
  3. Do you like the song "Two black cadillacs"?
  4. Do you like the song "Started from the bottom"?
  5. Do you like the song "Freak on a leash"?
  6. Do you like the song "What makes you beautiful"?
  7. Do you like the song "Complicated"?
  8. Do you like the song "Lion"?
  9. Do you like Justin bieber?
  10. Do you like the song "Misery"?

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Quiz topic: What music genre am I?