There are many music lovers around the world, but do you love Hair band music? Take this quiz to find out how much you REALLY love this genre of music!

Are you a true Hair band fan? Find out what level of Hair band genius you hold by taking this quiz. Only the truly passionate can appreciate this genre of music!

Created by: Sandra
  1. What popular hairband sings about Uncle Tom's Cabin?
  2. The 1991 release threw Motley Crue into the mainstream and set the bar high for every other band because of this songs success.
  3. Which one one of these songs was sung by the band Kix?
  4. Which movie did this band have its only number one hit and starred the lead singers daughter?
  5. What was the title of Skid Row's first hit?
  6. Name the album title of the band whose lead singer grew up as William Bailey.
  7. Paul Stanley is one of two constant members of what band?
  8. Lita Ford sang what song with Ozzy Osbourne?
  9. What song was Poison's first top ten single?
  10. This song from Cinderella's second album was the band's most successful release.

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