How Well Do You Know K-pop?

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There is great music everywhere but there is one genre of music that reigns superior over the rest. K-pop! K-pop fans know that there is no other music quite like it.

Think you know K-pop? Are you the ultimate K-pop fan? Test your K-pop knowledge now to find out if you truly know K-pop. Take this quiz to become a K-pop expert.

Created by: Mz. K-Fever
  1. Which S K-pop group debuted first?
  2. Who is the maknae of rookie group Got7?
  3. How many members does Super Junior have?
  4. Who is the inactive member in U-KISS?
  5. Which Japanese album by 2PM came first?
  6. Which MBLAQ member has a sister under YG Entertainment?
  7. Which DMTN member got in legal trouble in March 2013?
  8. Which K-pop artist was on the list of the top 50 reasons to visit Korea?
  9. Which group is the longest running female K-pop group of all time?
  10. What is Rain's fan club name?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know K-pop?