Are you a true metal head?

Are you a metal legend like Ozzy Osbourne or Kerry King? Or are you a no talent spawn of the evil corperation that is is the disney channel? take this quiz to find out if your metal, emo prep, or mabey, A DOG.

are you metal? dou you have what it takes to be in the pit at the ozzfest second stage? or do you perfer the rush of 8 year olds on a suguar rush at a hannah montana concert. Find out now!!

Created by: Doug
  1. What Band do you like?
  2. When Did Metal Start?
  3. What Concert would you go to?
  4. What does your wordrobe consist of?
  5. Who Is the Best Guitarist in this list?
  6. Again, What is the best band in this list?
  7. Who Is The Best Bass Player?
  8. Who Is The Best Singer?
  9. Finish This Lyric - "An Unforseen Future Nestled somewhere in time, unsuspecting victims no warnings no ___________"
  10. Genre

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Quiz topic: Am I a true metal head?