Goth, Metal-head, Emo, or Prep

people everywhere judge other people around them. do you want to find out what people think of you. take this quiz and i'll tell you. are you hard-core, annoying, or just need to get some help? take this and all your questions will be answered

Are you a goth? a metal-head? an emo? a prep? find out. it's kind of like getting your future told to you. i'll tell you all about you and whether or not you need to change. some of you will have to but don't worry i'm just helping you out with the real world.

Created by: Kari
  1. what the F*** is your favorite color
  2. what is your favorite store
  3. do you paint your nails black
  4. do you talk in IM
  5. what kind of music do you listen to
  6. how many friends do you have
  7. do you think you are a mythical creature
  8. are you bored
  9. what type of animal would you be
  10. do you think about killing yourself

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