How METAL are you?

So, you think you're sooooo metal, eh? Well, this quiz will separate the true from the false. If you fail miserably, that means you are a worthless human being.

Take the challenge, answer these questions correctly and prove yourself to be as cool as me. How cool am I? Well, I pulled each and every one of these questions out of my own personal database: My HEAD! That's how metal-savvy I am. You better ask somebody.

Created by: beelzebub
  1. Contrary to popular belief, Ozzy's first "solo" album was intended to be a band project. What was the name of the band?
  2. What is the name of Mercyful Fate's first album?
  3. Who was the original vocalist for Anthrax?
  4. Who was Metallica's original bassist?
  5. What band was Kirk Hammet a part of prior to joining Metallica?
  6. What is the name of Exodus's first album?
  7. What is the name of Judas Priest's second album?
  8. What band featured Ritchie Blackmore on guitar and Ronnie James Dio on vocals?
  9. What is the name of the first track from Slayer's "Show No Mercy" album?
  10. What is the name of Dio's Devil-like mascot?
  11. What band did Rob Halford form following his departure from Judas Priest?
  12. Where does Alice Cooper claim to have gotten his name?
  13. Who has been a member of Ozzy's solo band, Suicidal Tendencies and Metallica?
  14. What is the name of Pantera's first album?
  15. Thrash of the titans was a benefit concert held for what well-known thrash vocalist?
  16. What is the name of the creature on the cover of Judas Priest's "Defenders of the Faith" album?
  17. Who is seen getting drunk off his ass in a swimming pool in "The Decline of Western Civilization Part Two:The metal years?"
  18. Glenn Benton of Deicide burned what into his forehead?
  19. Which of these bands had a member jailed for stabbing a gay guy who tried to hit on him?
  20. Who was Iron Maiden's original singer?
  21. Metal Church was formed in what city?
  22. Scott Burns, a well-known producer of many a classic death metal album, was a resident producer at which Tampa, Florida studio?
  23. Is that really Vincent Price performing the intro to "Number of the Beast?"
  24. Complete this lyric: You don't know what it's like you don't have a clue if you did you'd find yourself
  25. Which Celtic Frost album is universally regarded as a complete commercial sellout?
  26. What Judas Priest song was singled as the catalyst for the suicide death of one dumbass kid and the wounding of another dumbass piece of crap? Supposedly it contained a backmasked message to "do it."
  27. Sepultura is from what country?
  28. What horror movie featured a soundtrack by Fastway, a cameo by Ozzy Osbourne, a dj played by Gene Simmons, and starred the guy who played Skippy from Family Ties?
  29. True or False: Tony Iommi lost some fingers to a work-related injury prior to achieving fame with Black Sabbath.
  30. David Vincent was the original vocalist/bassist for what band?
  31. What band was formed by Glenn Danzig after he left the Misfits? I realize the Misfits aren't metal, but metalheads usually know about 'em, so answer the damn question.
  32. Spinal Tap was a real band.
  33. Which of these bands released an album called "Agent Orange?"
  34. Reign In Blood was produced by who?
  35. Finish this lyric: Am I evil?
  36. Who were commonly referred to as the "big four" of thrash?

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