Slayer Trivia (Thrash)

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Do you really think you know Slayer? Well, come on and show yourself! Answer these questions and prove yoursefl. Maybe you don't know much about Slayer!

Are you really a Slayer fan? How many question can you answer here? There are some diffucult one and some very easy ones. We will see how much you can know!

Created by: fish
  1. On which track did Gene Hoglan do the backing vocals?
  2. Who played the drums on Undisputed Attitude?
  3. Which song has 2 vocal tracks?
  4. When was Divine Intervention released?
  5. In which band did Kerry play for a brief time?
  6. Which band joined Slayer live on stage to perform 'Witching Hour' by Venom?
  7. Which is the shortest Slayer song?
  8. Which one is the longest Slayer song?
  9. Which is the first Slayer bootleg?
  10. Which band does also have a song called Chemical Warfare?
  11. Which songs end is being played in the beginning of Ghosts of War?
  12. Who wrote War Ensemble?
  13. Who designed the Slayer logo?
  14. Which is the only album with Jeff's guitar coming out of the right speaker?
  15. Which song won a grammy award?
  16. On which album did Dave return?
  17. What was the line-up for The Ultimate Revenge Combat Tour in 1985?

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