What Kind of Metalhead are You?

Welcome, one and all. I hope you enjoy this little quiz, which will take a short examination of your metallic nature. Hopefully it will give you a look at what you like best if you didn't already. Don't take it too seriously.

Obviously some minor genres like Gore Metal or Horror Metal have been left out and for purposes of simplicity all prog metal genres have been put into 'prog metal'. Good luck!

Created by: Adam

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  1. Which of these bands would you be seen listening to?
  2. What is the best regional metal scene?
  3. Who do you prefer as a singer form the selection?
  4. Which of these bands do you listen to more often?
  5. Who is your favourite guitarist(s)listed?
  6. Best Album?
  7. What would you be doing at a typical gig?
  8. What can you usually be seen wearing?
  9. What can you be seen doing on a Saturday?
  10. Name your poison

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Metalhead am I?