How much of a MetalHead are you?

Many people think they are metalheads but few can live up to the title. Even by scoring 100% on the quiz doesn't mean you are a real metalhead, but if you are you would know you are.

Do you think you are a metalhead? Do you listen to bands like Arsis and Slayer? DO you delve into the heaviest subgenres of metal with relative ease? In taking this quiz you will atleast have some kind of idea how your liking measures up, eventhough this is a easy quiz.

Created by: Shane
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  1. What artist originated the "horns"?
  2. What band originated death metal?
  3. Who was the original lead singer of Black Sabbath?
  4. Number of the beast? (band)
  5. How did CHuck Schindler die?
  6. Reign In Blood (band)?
  7. What is Wacken?
  8. What genre of metal burns churches?
  9. Lord Worm?
  10. metal or rap?
  11. Screaming is?
  12. Lamb of God is?
  13. Cannibal Corpse is from?

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Quiz topic: How much of a MetalHead am I?