Never Say Die Album Lyrics

This album is a lot more Hard Rock-oriented than other Black Sabbath,less riff-driven and more focused on Tony Iommi's musical experimentations. The band had been incorporating new ideas into their songs ever since "Vol. 4,"and each album found an increasing amount of pianos, synths, and other surprises. On "Technical Ecstasy," the band sounded bogged down by these experiments, which, coupled with Ozzy's poor vocal delivery and the frail production, seriously wounded the record. On "Never Say Die!" the experimentation fits in perfectly alongside the hard riffage, resulting in a record with both variety and flow.

BLACK SABBATH tried a lot of new things on "Never Say Die!", and for the most part, I'd say that they worked. Ozzy sounds MUCH better than he did on "Technical Ecstasy," though still a little flat compared to "Sabotage" and the earlier records. I really think that this album would have been better received had it come directly after "Sabotage" – "Technical Ecstasy" spelled the doom (no pun intended) of the Ozzy-era SABBATH. If "Technical Ecstasy" had never existed, I'd bet that people would be talking instead about the classic first seven SABBATH albums, rather than just the first six.

Created by: OZZYIOMMI
  1. They're coming home again tomorrow I'm sorry it won't be for long With all the pain I've watched you live within I'll try my hardest not to cry When it's my time to say goodbye
  2. Old men crying, young men dying World still turns as Father Time looks on, on and on Children playing, dreamers praying Laughter turns to tear as love has gone, has it gone?
  3. You tell yourself you're dreaming You realise you're screaming You know that this shouldn't happen to you You tell yourself that it must not be true But there is nothing you can do, oh!
  4. Born in the window Nobody's fool Raised in the prison You called the school
  5. Well you know that Johnny's a spider, And his web is the city at night, He's a victim of modern frustration, That's the reason he's so ready to fight
  6. She sits in silence, in her midnight world Her faded pictures, of her dancing girls Her, distant dreamer, on the seas of time Her happy memories, dancing through her mind
  7. What Is The Only Song On This Album That Is An Instrumental?
  8. And we're sad and sorry Really sorry that it happened that way Yes we're sad and sorry But why'd you have to treat us that way?
  9. Who sung Swinging The Chain?
  10. What is Johnny Blade About??

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