Metalhead or not

Do you think you know metal? Now I can't give away an answers, but the metal genre is huge in some places, and has been around for a while. It became very popular some years back and it seems liek it might be growing.

Metal bands keep gettign better or sometimes worse, but in this quiz better doesn't matter, just to see how much of metalhead you are, or your not. So grab a cold one out of the fride, but on your "murder boots", and kick some metal quiz ass!

Created by: Tiffany

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  1. Other Bands play, MANOWAR...
  2. Which metal band had truoble at Ozzfest, and a certain member of the band having truble with Sharon Ozborne
  3. Around what time was metal starting to develop?
  4. What year did heavy metal start to become very popular?
  5. What band is in the Guiness book of world records for being the ludest band in the world?
  6. In 1993 (on oct 17th) The metal world lost a true soul of metal from one hell of a band, who was this
  7. The movie ROCKSTAR was about how Tim "Ripper" Owens became apart of Judas Priest, who played him in the movie?
  8. The Heavy metal scene is HUGE in the United States
  9. The mealsign (if you don't know what this is, you shouldn't be taking this quiz) is also know as
  10. Is all metal music jsut screaming?

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