Metal Head..or not?

There are many smart people that know there metal, but few true metal heads. What is a Metal head? A metal head is someone who has an extraordinarily clever mind, and is able to solve complex problems, and be able to modify the sample paragrapgh instead of making my own up so it dosn't take as long :)

Do you know metal? Well you'll find out in just a few minutes! I hope you got a good grade cause only metal is the true knowledge of life and when you know true knowledge then life will be one step better then it was.

Created by: Jack Compton

  1. What big hit Nirvanna song made them sell out small clubs to large stadiums?
  2. Who first had legal ownership of Black Sabbath?
  3. Which one of these songs is ***NOT*** a Trivium song?
  4. Which Metallica album came out the earliest?
  5. Finish this Suffocation album name... "Effigy of the..."
  6. The WWE Superstar "Triple H" has a song called "The Game" by which one of these metal bands?
  7. Which song dosn't belong in with this group?
  8. What song did Dragonforce create and use the "Pac-Man" Noise on? ***HINT*** THE SONG IS ON INHUMAN RAMPAGE!!
  9. The Guitarist Jimmy Page is in what band?
  10. FINAL QUESTION!!! Name the guitarist/lead singer of MegaDeath

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