How much do you know about REAL witches?

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This is the REAL witch quiz, it's about the people who where sentanced to death for witchery. So don't be fooled by Harry Potter. Even better it is for both genders, not just females who are hoping they aren't a witch, it is for males testing their knowledge on witchery punishments too (and seeing if they know a witch)!

Do YOU know about witches are you a real expert? Well test your knowledge here with the How much do you know about REAL witches quiz! So just have a go (but don't use magic to cheat).

Created by: squatter

  1. You are in court with a death sentance for being a witch. You say that you are not guilty. What would the court most likely do next?
  2. Which of these is a witch punishment?
  3. True or false? A witch was actually said to fly twigs first on a broomstick.
  4. Which of these statements would you locate in the bible?
  5. True or false? Shakespeare wrote a play on witches?
  6. True or false? The most famous 'witch hunter' was called Bobbit Hall.
  7. If you thought someone was a witch making them get killed for their crime cost about how much around the 1640's?
  8. When was the last person punished for being a witch was in?
  9. What is the study of witchcraft called?
  10. Which of these was said to be the most 'witchy' animal?
  11. True or false? The was someone in England who accused the king of being a witch, but then he was sentanced to death for fibbing.
  12. Witches were also said to be....
  13. Some witches showed off their spells in court and told stories of demons and fairies right in front of the judge.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about REAL witches?