How well do you know Harry Potter?

People always told me in school that I was really smart because I kept getting good results on my exams and I have always been a real Harry Potter fan. I want to see if I am the real number one! Challenge!

Do you think you're a real Harry Potter fan. I know everything! I made this quiz because I want to see what the world knows and if I really am the number one. Challenge . . . take it on!

Created by: twilightfan
  1. In the Philosopher's Stone, Hagrid has a three headed dog called . . .?
  2. In the philosopher's stone a large plant tries to strangle Harry, Ron and Hermione. What was it called?
  3. In the chamber of secrets, who was framed for opening the chamber of secrets fifty years ago?
  4. In the chamber of secrets how do Harry and Ron put Crabbe and Goyle to sleep?
  5. In the prisoner of azkaban what is Sirius Black?
  6. In the prisoner of azkaban what is Buckbeak?
  7. In the Goblet of Fire, what happens to Fred and George when they pass the ring around the goblet?
  8. In the Goblet of Fire, who goes with ron to the yule ball?
  9. In the Order of Phoenix who is not part of the order?
  10. In the order of phoenix what is the department that harry and everyone goes to, to fight the death eaters?
  11. In the Half Blood Prince, who was Slughorn's favourite student many years ago?
  12. In the Half Blood Prince, why does Hermione get invited to Slughorn's parties?
  13. In the Deathly Hallows why does Harry break into a vault in Gringots?
  14. In the deathly hallows, what was Grindelwald and Dumbledore's plans when growing up?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Harry Potter?