Do you know what a real Witch is?

Merry meet. I am Elder RavenFire, and I wanted to make this test to see of people knew what Witches really are. If you don't know very much, this test will tell you!!!!!!!!

There are many people who think they know Witches. Are you one of those who think, or do you know about Witches!!!!!!! I hope you learn what real Witches are after taking this test!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Elder RavenFire

  1. Where do Witches live?
  2. Do Witches really believe in Satan?
  3. Do Witches really fly on brooms?
  4. Are Male Witches called warlocks?
  5. Are all Witches green?
  6. Do Witches do any type of blood, or living sacrifice?
  7. What do Witches worship?
  8. Do Witches have pet cats?
  9. Ok, do all Witches where robes, and pointed hats?
  10. Do you think a Witch made this test?

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Quiz topic: Do I know what a real Witch is?