How Witch-Smart are you?

There are many true witches in the world, those with the knowledge and the power to bring about change in our world. The natural witch is one who knows how nature can heal you, and can interpret Her signs.

Are you a real witch? Or are you just playing at the craft? Find out with these tough questions on herbal remedies and a few basics of natural witchcraft. Always plenty more to learn, but this is some simple knowledge to garner.

Created by: kate
  1. Which plant is used as a tonic for the nerves?
  2. Which herb is used as a sexual stimulant for men?
  3. Which herb is generally used in a cleansing ritual?
  4. Got a toothache? Which herb would work to quell the pain?
  5. Which of the following is NOT a form of divination?
  6. What is chiromancy?
  7. Which herb would not be used to improve mental clarity?
  8. What does the term widdershins mean?
  9. Which Goddess is recognised as the Earth Goddess?
  10. What is the Rig Veda?

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Quiz topic: How Witch-Smart am I?