Could You Be A Witch?

Casting spells, performing rituals, and invoking ancient deities. Does this sound appealing? Perhaps you need more proof. Here are a few questions to help you know whether you'd could be a Witch or not!

Could YOU be a Witch? Do you have the faith and willpower to bear this ancient title with pagan pride? After all the stereotypes, you may feel afraid of this subject. Thanks to this eye-opening quiz, in just a few minutes you just might have what it takes to wield the power of magick!

Created by: Rev. John
  1. Have you ever had a magical way of thinking or perceiving the world?
  2. Have you ever felt transcendence? (A feeling of being one with the universe)
  3. Have you ever seen an aura?
  4. What is your belief on the Divine?
  5. Even if you don't believe in the divine, do you believe in unseen energies that influence our daily lives?
  6. Do you believe in astrology/horoscopes?
  7. Do you like nature?
  8. Are you good at keeping secrets?
  9. Do you like yourself?
  10. What happens when we die?

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