What is your ancient battle rank?

Welcome to the almighty long ago timing quiz about what your rank would be in ancient times. Please enjoy and i hope you are happy with the results.

Created by: squatter
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  1. What weapon do you carry (if you could only have one)?
  2. In battle formation at the beginning of the battle, where would I find you?
  3. How brave are you (be truful)?
  4. Do you lead an army, or are you party of the army?
  5. Do you like having someone more powerful than you?
  6. Do you train hard?
  7. Which of these words do you most like to hear?
  8. What would be your worst nightmare?
  9. What time is the best time for a war?
  10. Will you rate and comment? No affect on answer.

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Quiz topic: What is my ancient battle rank?