What do you know About Ancient Egypt

This Quiz is to challenge if You are smart enough to be a Pharaoh. You will be asked Questions that concern Ancient Egypt and all the Pharaohs that ruled in it!!!

You can win that title all you have to do is get a good score between 85 and one hundred you can have the brain of a slave ,a nobleman a commander, or a a villager

Created by: Dakota

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  1. What was a popular board game in Egypt?
  2. What Was Egypt's First Pharaoh?
  3. How long was Tutankensetamuen Pharaoh?????
  4. Was King Tut Murdered????
  5. Was King Tut's Tomb Robbed?
  6. What is the first step of mummification????
  7. Did the Egyptians Have Gods They worshipped???
  8. What did Great Sphinx Mean?
  9. What is the letter of the hieroglyph bird

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Quiz topic: What do I know About Ancient Egypt